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Safeguarding your online banking sessions is our top priority. For information about how you can help protect your online banking sessions, or if you need additional assistance with your e-Treasury log-in, please contact TM Service at [email protected] or 212.575.8020.

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The SECURE Act 2.0:
4 Key Planning Considerations
Financial Planning Insights - SEPTEMBER 2023

In late 2022, Congress passed the SECURE Act 2.0—powerful legislation designed to improve financial security in retirement for those both young and old. To guide you through the benefits this new law offers, we have highlighted a few key changes, as well as strategies to consider, as you plan for retirement.

Seat Backs Upright and Tray Tables Stowed
Market Insights - JULY 2023

As we hit the halfway point in 2023, global financial markets continue to largely ignore recession fears as the economic data supports the “soft landing” scenario. The Fed’s aggressive rate hikes have soothed inflation fears, while…

Changing Interest Rate Environments
Financial Planning Insights - MAY 2023

As of this writing, the Federal Reserve has raised its benchmark Federal Funds Rate nine times since March 2022, from 0.25% to 4.75%,1 putting pressure on financial markets and valuations. These rate increases have also had important implications for gift, estate and wealth planning strategies.

Partly Sunny or Partly Cloudy?
Market Insights - APRIL 2023

To the casual observer equity markets continued their sharp recovery from the October 13, 2022 low, returning 15.8% through the end of the first quarter 2023. That very solid return masks the erratic behavior that the stock market has exhibited over the past six months. Ongoing…

2022 Review & 2023 Outlook: Where do we go from here?
Market Insights - JANUARY 2023

2022 was a year both stock and bond investors would like to forget, as both stock and bond markets repriced in response to stubbornly high levels of inflation and the Federal Reserve’s actions to reign it in. As a result, this…

Third Quarter Review & Outlook: All Eyes on the Fed

The third quarter saw a reversal of the equity market recovery that began in June. Fears over the magnitude of Fed tightening triggered a selloff in August that has pushed equity prices to a new low for the year. Interest rates have…

Mid-Year Review & Outlook
JULY 2022

As we close the books on the second quarter, markets continue to focus on the dual threats of inflation and recession. The war in Ukraine continues, but no longer dominates the daily news. Oil prices remain stubbornly high and a key component…

SECURE Act - Proposed Regulations
JUNE 2022

The much-anticipated Proposed Regulations on 2019’s SECURE Act arrived in February, and were generally welcomed by the estate planning community. There were two surprises, which we explore in…

What's Next?
APRIL 2022

Governments and central banks have learned a lot since the global financial crisis. In 2009, US leaders chose stimulus while many other developed economies chose austerity to combat the recession. History has shown…

2021 Review and 2022 Outlook: Happy New Year?

Stocks performed exceptionally well in 2021, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our investment themes for 2021 were largely on point and will evolve as we turn the page to 2022. We expect stocks to…

Balancing the Scales - Q3 Market Recap

As we close the books on the third quarter of 2021, we continue to face a challenging path forward given the mixed signals we are currently seeing. There are a multitude of positive and negative economic…

Consequential Tax Proposals
FALL 2021

Major tax reform was reported out of the House Ways and Means Committee in September, with a wide range of new rules that will affect many clients of estate planners. In this issue we explore two areas of change: trust and estate planning, and…

A Different "Death Tax" To Worry About?

In this issue of Trusted Insights, you’ll find a review of the Biden administration’s proposal to make death a realization moment for the capital gains tax on appreciated property. If enacted, this new tax would affect…

Return to Normalcy
JULY 2021

The Federal Reserve continues to hold short-term interest rates near zero despite increasing fears of inflation. Government bond purchases continue at the rate of…

The "Lock-In" Debate is Back Again

In this issue of Trusted Insights you’ll find a brief summary of “For the 99.5%,” the latest estate tax reform legislation from Senator Bernie Sanders. In earlier proposals Senator Sanders included a top estate tax rate of…

It’s the End of the World as We Knew It
APRIL 2021

US stocks continued their upward climb in the first quarter of 2021 with the S&P 500 gaining 6.2% and a whopping 56.5% over the past year through March 31st. Last year’s lagging sectors, energy…

Estate Planning Must Go On

There are several clouds over the practice of estate planning as we begin 2021. Will there be legislative action this year to increase the revenue from federal transfer taxes? Might some traditional tax-saving strategies be at risk? Perhaps most important…

2021 - A New Beginning?

The fourth quarter of 2020 saw strong performance across all equity markets. The S&P 500 continued its advance, returning 12.2% during the quarter, while small caps soared 31.4%, eclipsing large caps as the top performing asset class…


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